Quantum Resonance Assessment and Treatment

Indigo Jedi provide Quantum Resonance Assessments and Treatments that are natural and effective at re-balancing the body back to WELLNESS

A passion for a natural approach to HEALTH and WELLNESS

Our comprehensive suite of services can assess and treat the body in a natural way without side effects

Quantum Resonance Assessment

This is a non-invasive and fast way to accurately assess the health of your body systems and organs

Quantum Resonance Treatment

Electromagnetic frequencies are send to the body via pads to rebalance the frequencies out of sync


This approach makes use of natural plant and mineral remedies to treat physical, mental and emotional imbalances.


A specialised foot massage that stimulates the energy meridians and subtle energy points of the body


A specialised treatment technology for the higher dimensions of the body e.g. aura and etheric bodies.

“The Quantum Resonance Assessment was extremely accurate picking up my existing issues.”

“By treating the source of my illness I started feeling more energized.”